2012. 04 . 18. (szerda) – The Rasmus

Stranger, I’m a mess
It’s your night, Save me once again,
Someone’s gonna light you up, End of the story
You don’t see me, Somewhere,
Friends don’t do like that, Sky

2009. 11. 27. (péntek) – Best of 2001 – 2009

In The Shadows, No Fear, Guilty, October & April (feat Anette Olzon)
First Day Of My Life, Livin’ In A World Without You, F-F-F-Falling
Chill, Immortal, Justify, Shot, Funeral Song, Ghost Of Love
Open My Eyes (acoustic version), In My Life, Ten Black Roses
Sail Away

2008.09.29. (hétfő) – Black Roses

Livin’ In A World Without You, Ten Black Roses, Ghost Of Love, Justify
Your Forgiveness, Run To You, You Got It Wrong, Lost And Lonely
The Fight, Dangerous Kind, Live Forever

2005.09.12. (hétfő) – Hide From The Sun

Shot, Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows), No Fear, Lucifer’s Angel
Last Generation, Dead Promises, Immortal, Sail Away
Keep Your Heart Broken, Heart Of Misery, Don’t Let Go

2003.03.17. (hétfő) – Dead Letters

First Day Of My Life, In The Shadows, Still Standing, In My Life
Time To Burn, Guilty, Not Like The Other Girls, The One I Love
Back In The Picture, Funeral Song

2001.07.09 (hétfő) – Hellofacollection

F-F-F-Falling, Chill, Liquid, Every Day, City Of The Dead, Help Me Sing, Playboys, Blue, Ice, Sophia, Wicked Moments, Ghostbusters, Funky Jam
Myself, P.S. , Rakkauslaulu, Life 705, Liquid Demo

2001.10.29 (hétfő) – Into

Madness, Bullet, Chill, F-F-F-Falling, Heartbreaker, Smash
Someone Else, Small Town, One & Only, Last Waltz


1998.11.02 (hétfő) – Hellofatester 

Every Day, Dirty Moose, Swimming With The Kids, Man In The Street, Tonight Tonight, City Of The Dead, Liquid, Pa-Pa, Vibe, Help Me Sing, Tempo

1997.08.29 (péntek) – Playboys

Playboys, Blue, Ice, Sophia, Wicked Moments, WellWell, Sold, Carousel, Jailer, Kola, Raggatip, Violence, Panda


1996.09.23 (hétfő) – Peep

Ghostbusters, Postman, Fool, Shame, P.S., Julen Är Här Igen, Peep, Frog, Funky Jam, Outflow, Myself, Life 705, Small

1994-1996 kislemezek:


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